Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Story!

I finished my first draft of Signal Hill right before the holidays hit (wheeeee!!) and vowed I'd let my brain rest while we traveled and celebrated and otherwise threw our lives into chaos. I sent my draft to a dear critique partner and left my laptop at home. But isn't that always when new ideas hit?

I developed a secondary storyline for Signal Hill and halfway through that draft, realized I was writing two seperate stories: Signsl Hill (speculative fiction) and a very nebulous contemporary story. I had characters and situations, moments within a story but no plot. I saved those scenes and left them drift into the back of my mind. Then I dug them out for a late night scene swap and couldn't let them go again. I almost never read contemp. I need that touch of the fanciful in my writing. I never expected to write a contemp romance.

But there it is, the story I can't let go. I've been hacking out my pitch on my phone between Christmas parties and while curled up beside the fire at my in-laws. I'm dying to get home to my laptop and start hacking it out. The story is coming fast and furious, filling those hours when I'm rocking my wee ones and as I fall asleep at night.

Working title: FALL. I'm pitching it as She's All That or Grease in reverse. Can't wait to share!

Pitch: Bria broke one of the cardinal rules of friendship: she kissed her best friend's brother. Sooo not cool. Besides, weird, artsy girls like her don't fall for jocks like Ben. The self-proclaimed Queen of the Freaks and the school soccer star? Never going to happen. But when a prank gone wrong puts Ben and Bria on clean up duty together, the sparks between them heat up the SoCal fall. Now she has to decide if she can be true enough to herself to step beyond her narrowly defined clique for a boy who might not do the same. Especially if it means losing her best friend.


  1. That pitch sounds fantastic. Happy new year!

  2. Sounds great--good luck and keep us updated:-)

  3. You're definitely Polish - I could tell immediately by your last name. My mom's anscestors were from Poland, the-next-door-home of the late, great Pope John Paul, may he rest in peace. Meet me Upstairs. We gotta lotta tok 'bout. See ya, doll.