Sunday, January 13, 2013

Of Birds, Cows and Cats

I heard a story in church this morning:

One winter, a bird lay on the ground, nearly frozen to death. His icy wings were too heavy to lift it from the frozen ground. In the midst of his suffering, when he had nearly given up hope, a cow came along and crapped on him.

The bird's despair deepened. Not only was he frozen, he now also smelled like manure.

Then the warmth of the manure began to warm the little bird. No longer on the verge of death, he began to sing, his heart bubbling over with joy.

The bird's song drew the attention of a nearby cat. The cat hurried to the poor bird's side and began to dig, freeing the bird from its foul smelling trap.

Then the cat ate the bird.

There are two lessons to this story:

1.) Not everyone who drops manure on you means you harm

2.) Not everyone who digs you out means you well

Think about the people in your lives. Who are the cats? Who are the cows? Don't fight constructive crap and beware of cunning help.


  1. ha! i'd heard this somewhere before, but still funny...and wise.