Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Things to Write With...

Emy Shin over at Paper Hangover asked "What are the FIVE things you need to write with, other than pen, paper, and a computer?" What a fun blog prompt! Now, I can and have written just about anywhere and under any circumstances, but here's five things I don't like to write without!

1. Privacy. I HATE writing when I feel like someone is watching. Ideally, I like to write completely alone.

2. Music. Not always as inspiration. Sometimes just as background. Now that most of my writing happens while Little Man is sleeping, I often write in silence, but I really prefer music.

3. A comfortable place to sit. I don't like writing at a desk. I like to curl up or at least have my feet elevated. I love writing in bed.

4. Snacks. Chewing helps me think and gum bothers my stomach, so I love to have crunchy snacks nearby while writing.

5. A hair tie. I cannot stand to have my hair near my face while writing. I've seriously considered shaving my head just to keep my hair out of my eyes.

So there it is. My five things I need to write. How about yours? Or if you're not a writer, what five things do you need for your creative pursuits?


  1. I agree with you on the privacy thing. If I felt like someone might be watching what I was doing, there's no way I'd write. My husband is away a lot for work so privacy is not really an issue. I'm amazed by all of you ladies who find time to write with young children in tow. I have nothing but time on my hands and still get little accomplished in the writing department. Need to work on that!

  2. This is what having a little one does... It takes me two weeks to respond to comments! I've discovered that I have as much time as I have. I don't have less time than I had before my son was born because I'm much more deliberate with how I manage my time now. It's not easy, but I've gotten more done in the last 18 months than the 18 before he was born. But man, I miss being alone! My hermit tendencies are very incompatible with being a full time mom to a clingy toddler. Good thing I have imaginary worlds to escape to :)