Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorite Photos

Photograph is still one of my passions. My heart skips a heat when I hear the shutter. But it has taken a backseat over the last couple years while I worked on my writing. Today I sent out some print orders and found some pictures I'd forgotten I had! I mostly shoot portraits professionally, but I love landscapes. I could happily shoot sunsets for the rest of my life (cliche, right? And I write paranormal too.)

I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the past couple years! Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them :)

Sunset Beach, Oregon - Somewhere along Route 1. We camped a mile or two down the road.

My beloved MINI, Jack, driving through a tree in Northern California.

Lamp inside a lighthouse, somewhere along the Oregon Coast.

One of our camping sites in Oregon. It was even freakier at night!

See?!? Freaky woods!

Flowers at Pike's Place in Seattle. Loved the market, loved the city. Sigh.

An awesome sculpture at the Ballard Docks in Seattle. What other city puts something this beautiful on the edge of a lock system?

Confession: I am a HUGE fan of Deadliest Catch. Crab pots! Squeal!

Closer to home: Manhattan Beach, just a few miles south of where I live. I am blessed.

It does snow in Los Angeles. At least occasionally ;) Technically, Gorman is an hour north of LA, but still, it's amazing to see so much snow so close!

My favorite picture, perhaps ever. An isolated stretch of beach in northern Oregon. This spot was my focal point during labor. Such a peace, vibrant place. We camped two feet from the sand and fell asleep listening to the waves. First thing in the morning, the fog crept in and we walked along the beach for hours.

...I need to get my camera fixed and go take more pictures!


  1. I LOVE those photo's. Such an artistic touch! you should be proud!

  2. Thanks ladies! I really love shooting :)

  3. These photos are so beautiful. Wonderful job! <3

  4. Thanks Brenda - and thanks for following :)

  5. WOW! I came for the blogfest, but stayed for the pictures. GORGEOUS.

  6. Thanks Swift Scribbler! I don't get to shoot much any more but looking at these really made me want to get out with my camera again!