Monday, October 17, 2011


I had to run errands after work on Friday - always a delightful proposition with an active 17-month-old. After battling traffic along the 405 for nearly an hour, we finished up our errands and headed home. But just before I turned toward the freeway, I caught a glimpse of drifting fog. It's been HOT and SUNNY all week, with temps pushing 100 in some areas. So instead of heading inland to sit in traffic, we took the scenic route. My little guy and I drove along the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down and the heat on our feet, watching the marine layer ghosting through the palms. It was by far the most soothing thing I've done in weeks.

We all need detours. Those times when we turn left instead of right or follow our hearts instead of our heads. There is so much to discover, if we are willing to wander. So take detours, let yourself get lost, chase something beautiful instead of something practical (there's plenty of time for practicality). It will be good for your soul. I promise.

So what is your favorite detour? What have you learned by getting lost?


  1. Even your picture is soothing :-)

  2. Thanks Cynthia! The pictures really didn't do it justice, but I tried. I really wish I'd had more than my cellphone camera, but my professional camera is in for repairs. At least cellphone camera have gotten much better :)

  3. I like the picture. Yes, I agree a detour now and then is good.