Monday, April 23, 2012

Do You Pin?

When I first heard of Pinterest, my first thought was "not another social networking site," followed by "what a time suck." I still (sort of) stand by both. But after cluttering up my hard drive with random bits of inspiration for far too long, I took the plunge and requested an invite. I actually don't use it that often and seldom spend time just browsing, but it's a great way for me to bookmark things that inspire my stories or specific visuals I need for accuracy. It a lot of fun to see all these random bits form a cohesive board, like a visual outline of my stories. Like any tool, in can be used for evil or for good. But thus far, I'm a fan.

How about you? Do you pin? Or are you annoyed by the name like me? If you're on, check out my boards: If you're not and want to be, hit me up for an invite (assuming I can figure out how)!


  1. I pin, although I haven't been pinning lately. I agree. It's a great way to find inspiration, and to share images that inspired your WIP. :)

  2. Nope. Don't pin. I can barely keep up with blogging. And I've simply given up on Twitter. :)