Friday, June 8, 2012

Shared Victory

Reposting because this seems more fitting than ever today!

From 9/26/2011
Ryan O'Neal of Sleeping At Last

Once upon a time, artists had patrons - wealthy men and women who gave them food, shelter and money so that they could pursue their art without the distraction of struggling for survival.

Not any more. Instead, all of us creative types have to stick together, to build each other up and support our artistic endeavors. Perhaps by virtue of living in Los Angeles, perhaps just by the kind of people I attract, I know a lot of artists. Most of us still work day jobs, still struggle to find creative energy after long days in the salt mines. We still stay up far too late or wake far too early because that creative passion burns inside us, demanding release, demanding we create.

Most of us have not received the kind of success our art deserves (yet).

When an artist I support does receive that kind of success - the success to pursue art without the need for a day job or the kind of critical acclaim true art warrents - I feel an incredible thrill. When über-talented Derek Hess (and Cleveland native) had a piece added to the permanent collection at the Louvre, I felt like is was victory for all us.

Ten years ago, my husband introduced me to Sleeping At Last, a band he discovered while living in Chicago his freshman year of college. It was love at first listen. I've followed their ups and downs (throughout the years, members have left the band, until today, Ryan is the sole full-time member), seen them live half a dozen times. I even watched two episides of Private Practice because they each featured a Sleeping At Last song. I listened to their album Keep No Score through my entire labor & delivery (so my son was LITERALLY born listening to Sleeping At Last). The poster for that album hangs over his crib. Their album Ghosts is my main soundtrack when writing Emma (there's a dance scene in The Alterae set to one of their songs in my head). I ramble on and on about them on facebook and twitter. I even quote song lyrics on this blog. I LOVE THIS BAND. I find so much inspiration in everything Ryan does.

This morning, Ryan announced that one of their songs will appear in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1! (Insert squeals of delight on his behalf!) This is HUGE! We all know how powerful the Twilight franchise is - and I am so excited to see such an incredibly hard-working, dedicated artist share in that success! I really hope this will be the start of really big, really wonderful things for Sleeping At Last - and I fully expect you all to jump on the bandwagon now, before they're the hot new thing ;)

So keep the faith, keep making your art and may we all see success one day!

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  1. I've been listening to "Sleeping at last" for maybe six years, a friend recommended them. Love "Ghosts" and "Night must end" :)