Monday, August 22, 2011

A Brief Intermission

Sing it with me: "Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby and get ourselves a snack!"

Okay, seriously, my apologies for the silence. When I started this blog, I had no followers, I wrote sporadically and didn't have much to say. But I stuck with it and I've come to really enjoy it. It has become a good way to clear my head and focus on actually writing.

The only problem is when life gets in the way! I was trying really hard to post at least once a week. Then there was WriteOnCon, a partial request, a trip to the pediatrician with the little guy, a weekend in the mountains and a visit from one of my oldest & dearest friends. Plus, my husband got called in for a couple weeks of work (Yay!! Freelance work sucks, btw), leaving me on 24/7 baby duty.

With all that craziness, there's been little time to write or blog or breathe. But! I promise, I will have more next weekend. My husband is driving across the country, leaving me alone for 6 days (3x the longest we've been apart since our wedding). Loneliness is a great motivator for me and I should get tons done. Or I'll just watch a lot of SyFy.

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