Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Pitch Contest!

After the ABNA, I signed up for the Absolute Write Water Cooler, a great online community for writers, but being the insecure artist that I am, I never even posted an introduction... until today. Yay for courage! With my most recent round of edits completed on Guardian, I'm finding time for all the other aspects of writing, like building community and pitching! So tonight after the Little One went to bed, I spent the evening on the couch reading posts on Absolute Write while my husband read up on how to fix the brake switch on his car (or rather, his giant off-roading beast). It was a typical night for us :)

Anyway, while digging around, I came across another great pitch contest, this one hosted by Chanelle Gray and agent Victoria Marini (check out the link here).

One of the things I love about these contests is the opportunity to learn more about the agents involved. I'm terrified of querying and it helps so much to know agents are human too - humans who love books as much as I do! I worked as an assistant to a literary agent once (totally different genre than what I write) and she was wonderful. When I read interviews, like the ones with Ms. Marini, I actually get excited about finding the right agent. I mean, no one who loves to read enough to become an agent can be THAT scary. Right?

So best luck to everyone involved and thanks to Chanelle Gray and Victoria Marini for the opportunity!


  1. Saw your pitch over at this contest (I'm the entry before you) and followed your link. Just read the opening of your book and I'm totally captivated! I would seriously love to read the Guardian and give feedback.

    Good luck. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I had a lot of fun looking around your sites. I'd love to swap books, if you're interested. I've had a few people read mine, but I really need some good, solid feedback. Send me a message and we'll work out details!