Thursday, July 14, 2011

Agent Contest with YAtopia!

In my recent quest to get into the querying process, I've run across a couple of great agent contest, such as the one over at YAtopia with Vickie Motter with Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management. I think these kinds of contests have been really good for me to work on perfecting my pitch - this one requires a three sentence pitch! Three sentences to sum up an entire book! It's a great exercise and I'm really excited for an opportunity to have my work seen by an agent! 

Here's my pitch if you're wondering:

Emma sees things other people don’t. Now her best friend is dead and her visions are coming true. Suddenly thrown into the centuries old conflict between the Guardians, a secret order dedicated to protecting mankind from the supernatural, and a creature known as a Soul-Eater, Emma must embrace her gift or loose everything she holds dear

Wish me luck and best wishes to everyone involved!

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