Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Good to YOU

I don't know about you, but there's a part of my artistic temperament that seems to think I need to suffer for my art. I'm pretty sure it's the same part that prompted Van Gogh cut off his own ear and Beethoven to keep making music he could never hear. Artists have a long tradition of torturing themselves. Living along that thin line between creativity and insanity, we skip meals and showers to squeeze in an extra ten minutes of creative time. We miss social interactions to spend time perfecting our crafts. And we feel guilty when we choose to do anything else with our "free" time.

I'm not saying don't push yourself. That's how great art of any sort comes to be. I'm just saying take care of yourself too before you end up working yourself to death. Be gentle with yourself. Take time and energy to care for your mind, soul and body. It's hard - sometime almost impossible - to do, but if you do, you'll find your mind energized, your creativity renewed and your body much happier when force it sit hunched over a computer for hours on end.

So now it's time to share. What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? To pamper yourself? What are the things you do when you're rundown and reading to give in? Give a girl some tips!


  1. I watch Vampire Diaries, Nikita and Secret Circle LOL
    But seriously, I feel too bad when I can write and I'm not writing =P

  2. I live in the bathtub when I feel bad. I'll bring a book (either a new one, or an old favourite that I know and love), and I'll stay there for a while. Singing also makes me feel better. Looking at pictures of lolcats can perk me up. Training the squirrels in the park to do my fiendish bidding... wait... I shouldn't have told you that!

    Listening to empowering 80's music, or watching 80's movies helps.

    BTW I came here because you actually understood the word 'timbre,' and can imagine what chewing on a balloon sounds like. Honestly - how can people call themselves writers, but have no imagination? I feel like Anne Shirley sometimes. As for your blog, I like what I see. :)

  3. Lately, I feel like I have 3 jobs: My work, motherhood and writing. Luckily, my dog who is part terrier cannot stand to go more than 36 hours without at least 30 minutes of time in the woods. She perpetually nags me to take a walk in our local park. In the woods, I can unwind and often find new ideas there.

    It's that and homemade strawberry smoothies! (Oh and Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights with my kids) But I agree with Juliana with so many things on my plate, I fret over time I'm not writing.

  4. Hey Jenny! I hope Rivers Underneath (or whatever you're calling it now lol) is doing great! I gave you a couple awards, because you're so great. :-) Pop on by and get them whenever. :-)

  5. Hey, Jenny. I just like having the house to myself. That is my dream.

    BTW I just gave you an award on my blog. I hope that's okay.

  6. I agree with Juliana about not using every spare moment to write. The balm for my aches and pains, though, is music. I came late, (all puns intended) to iPod but my sweet Oprah, the music. George Harrison, Louis Armstrong, The Clash, digitally remastered Rush, that dinky little snuff box has recharged me more than once from total apathy/don't wanna do nuthin' funk.

  7. Just occured to me; you're in LA. Yeah, I'm quick like that. Point is, the grilled cheese sam'ich at Table 8 (in Melrose) is just absolutely wonderful. Having an intense alergic reaction to airplanes and plummeting from the sky to my death, I've only been there once but I've spent years trying to duplicate Chef Govind's marriage-saving creation.