Monday, May 23, 2011

Perfecting the Pitch...

“Emma sees things other people don’t.”

It was cute when she was five, but after a certain age, girls who see things are no longer imaginative. They are either crazy or possessed.

The night her best friend drowned, sixteen-year-old Emma was thrown into a world she thought only existed in her head. Her nightmares are coming to life and she is unable to cope her mounting guilt and grief.

When her childhood playmate, Gabriel, returns after a five-year absence, he helps her begin to heal and the sparks of their friendship quickly grow into something more.

Before either one can acknowledge their feelings, Emma becomes the object of unwanted attention from a new student, Patrick. Simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by the enigmatic stranger, she finds herself torn between the safety and comfort of Gabriel and the excitement and tension of Patrick.

After a date goes terrifyingly wrong, Gabriel is forced to reveal his true identity: he is a Guardian. A being more angel than human, he is sworn to protect Emma and will stop at nothing to destroy Patrick, a ruthless, conscienceless creature known as a Soul-Eater. As Emma learns about her own unique gift, she discovers she has a role to play in their morbid drama.

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